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MORAVIA Consulting

MORAVIA Consulting spol. s r. o. is the parent company of Moravia Consulting Group which is engaged in the production and distribution of calculators. The company was established 1993 and operates in more than 27 countries. It is the centre for managerial decisions and the investment base of the Group as a whole.

Among the activities it began with and which it then delegated to subsidiaries are - distribution, logistics, localization, sales support and service for calculators and other electronic products. The subsidiaries took over not only the individual activities, but they became a means of stabilization of MORAVIA Consulting representation in local markets.

Years of experience, know-how of partial operations and strong financial background predetermine MORAVIA Consulting Group to be a global player in the area of calculators. The stability and strength of the Group enable the parent company MORAVIA Consulting to focus on preparation of new projects and their implementation.