MORAVIA Europe offers variety of services related to all of our products. We can equip each product with logo of your company, pack the product into a unique packaging, or provide engraving services based on your needs.

Products for branding or labelling

We offer our customers the possibility to use calculators from our portfolio for advertising purposes. A printed or engraved logo of all our clients may be placed on selected models, so they can have an original promotional item for practical use.

Examples of our range suitable for individual advertising printing:

Promo sets

Do you want to promote sales and show your customers the products in a different way to everyone else? Choose what suits you from our range.  

Metal promo stand

Our new stand has a sturdy metal structure that is able to hold the necessary amount of products you have selected. The stand can be made in different colours to meet all our clients' requirements. 

Individual promo sets

If you are interested in the possibility of using promotional displays, but you want a different design and size, do not hesitate to contact us. We are able to create custom-made sets based on your individual requirements.

Display stand

We offer our clients stands, that are made out of clear Plexiglas with a thickness of 2 mm, which ensure professional presentation of goods sold. Thanks to the transparent material, it is possible to place a description into the stand and the offered goods beside it. It is possible to print the logo of the manufacturer or retailer on the Plexi holders, dependent on quantity.

Gift and promo sets

If you are interested in a complete gift set for your customers or suppliers, you can use one of our standard sets, or design your own. Because we work with many suppliers, we are able to offer a wide selection of sheet metal, cardboard and wooden boxes, including various types of custom-made inserts. Likewise, we are able to compile the contents of the box according to your wishes and have the individual items engraved with a logo. Take advantage of our offer and give a luxurious gift to your business partners that they will use every day. 

Customized engraving

Selected models of calculators can be engraved with not just your logo, but even a short text. This offer is particularly suitable for schools and institutions where the calculators are lent to more people. Using a laser, we can specify that they are owned by a particular school or facility. We also offer the possibility to engrave the names of individual customers. Thanks to this, you will always recognise your own calculator!